Whitworth’s eclectic musical background has come together to create his present sound. After his first piano lesson at age 8, Whitworth realized that he had fallen into something that would create his very existence. He began composing music at age 10, and hasn’t stopped. In 2013, Whitworth won the title of #1 classical whistler in the world at the International Whistler’s Convention. This title brought him significant notoriety, and also brought much of his other music to light. He composed and released “Pieces of Night”, a suite of pieces written for piano, violin, and whistling in 2014, then was invited to Japan to the Japanese Whistler’s Convention where he debuted his pieces to a sold-out crowd.  Whitworth has performed original and classical music with various chamber ensembles in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan, all the while composing. Whitworth’s classical background, along with his many other influences, can be heard in his works.

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Now AVAILABLE my latest single "She was A Flower".  More news and photo's to come tune into his debut single below

She Was A Flower.mp3