Subterranean Pink

Insanity comes in many forms, and Cary wears many hats, (figuratively speaking, that is; in reality, he wears the same old dirty, duct-taped black fedora everyday).  Cary styles himself frontman of Subterranean Pink, (even though he is the only man of that "band"), and he also founded Sub Pink Studio, a non-profit entity with the aim of aiding independent artists locally and globally as well as stimulating the indie rock revolution.  Cary also produces a number of local artists, and is compiling a 10-album collection of indie rock from around the globe called the Indie Rock Platter, of which Volume 1 has been released.  Cary is also very privileged to be a DJ at XRP Radio, where he has two shows.

New Releases Coming Soon On Fusion Records