Luis Drayton

Luis Drayton - Public Glamourpussy #1!  Founded and played bass in tranny punk band Six Inch Killaz from 1994-99. Released debut album "Pretty Sick" in Aug 2011, followed by "Dub Sick" and "XXX Radio Sessions". Also released the albums "Glamoflage" and "Glamoflage: Remixes" with Toska Wilde, as well as "Rising Scum" (recently rereleased on Fusion Records), "Counter Attack Live" and "XRP Radio Presents... The Least Appalling Of Pus Galore: The Luis Drayton Sickness Shot", a compilation of material from the XRP Radio show of the same name. Has also collaborated with AAAK, Ian Moss (Kill Pretty, the Hamsters), Shaun Maxwell (Taser Puppets), Digital Skunk, Tamsin Middleton (Mr Heart), Jake Maxwell (The Ligaments) and Rees Broomfield (Youth Club). Signed to Fusion Records in 2014 and has since released the album "Inner Life" and companion album "Inner Sanctum". Current ep "Bestest Nummies" out now on Fusion Records. The album "Don't Take It Straight" (a collection of early recordings plus exclusive new material) due for release in December 2016, followed in 2017 by new studio album, "Awesome Sauce". Luis Drayton also presents the radio shows "Pus Galore" on Resonance 104.4FM ( and "Pussybows and Pussylips" (every Wed @ 10pm GMT on 40foothole Radio - and every Sat @ 8pm EDT/1am GMT on 102.7 WSNR FM -

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