Linus Sams

Linus Sams is a singer/songwriter originally from London. Moving to France, he started out singing in a bar in the south of France, where he met Ian McNabb from famous English band The Icicle Works. The same day they met, Ian was due to perform, when at the last moment he developed a throat infection. Linus stepped in and after a single afternoon spent learning the songs, he took to the stage for the very first time. It was an unforgettable moment and the standing ovation Linus received was enough to make him realize that was his vocation in life. Following another guest appearance with The Icicle Works, Linus turned his attention to writing and in a whirlwind of creativity, wrote his first batch of songs. Realizing he needed to be where the action was, he moved to Paris, where he formed his first group, The Linus Sams Band. Using the material he had written, Linus was soon playing concerts lasting over two hours in a variety of venues. He then decided to change musicians and after another chance meeting with French guitar legend Herve Raynal, he began the next stage of his career. Within a year, he had written and recorded the album "On A Rockin' Warning" and in between playing smaller and larger venues, set about submitting it to producers and radio stations across the world. It was then that Linus made contact with Fusion Records and following a meeting, signed with them. "On A Rockin' Warning" is out now on Fusion Records and lives up to its name as one of the most awesome rock albums of 2016.

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